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If you ask people "What do you want more of in your life?", you'll notice a fascinating pattern. Young or old, single or married, college student or working mother, tradesman or academic, small business owner or powerful corporate executive, nearly everyone will look you in the eye and tell you a story that says "I want more...":
    Experience how Emergent Associates' unique knowledge and tools can support you, your family, group, business or organization in discovering and developing your deepest talents and potentials and achieving more satisfaction and success in all aspects of your life from health to career to relationships.

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  • Freedom and free time
  • Fun, excitement and creativity
  • Warm, nurturing and supportive relationships
  • Mastery and achievement
  • Peace of mind
  • Meaning and understanding
When we think deeply about experiences throughout our personal and professional lives, we realize that we all long to love, learn, work and play in our own unique way. In addition, you'll find that many of us are also passionate about helping others to achieve such satisfaction and success, and yearn to be recognized for making a lasting impact on those around us.

Emergent Associates, LLC understands.

Its founders met and discovered the very knowledge, understanding and tools that they offer you through their own quest for greater empowerment, freedom and health in all areas of their lives. We constantly apply these principles in our own lives and business because we are committed to continously strengthening our ability to help you paint a brighter picture in yours. When you join the community of individuals, businesses, groups and others who work with Emergent Associates, you join all of us in a partnership of incredible people and organizations committed to a path toward wholeness and health for themselves and those around them.

Let Emergent Associates Help You Discover More Satisfaction and Success

Emergent Associates, LLC offers three main services to help you live the personal and professional life you've dreamed of, build an organization or business that will have people talking, and become someone those around you look to as a story of success:

  • Personal (Life) Coaching - Individuals of all kinds have partnered with an Emergent coach through a series of comfortable one-on-one sessions designed to help them develop physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual wholeness and health in all areas of their lives. Imagine a career that makes you feel energized and excited, along with secure relationships with family and friends in a community where you belong. Through clearly drawing out your strengths and assets, we allow you to be the best you can be in the present, while developing the power and strategy to make the changes that can take you even further than you've imagined.

  • Group/Organizational/Business Consulting - Employing a cutting-edge combination of technologies that incorporate diverse tools used by world-class businesses and organizations, Emergent is helping a wide variety of groups achieve higher goals and improve morale by building on what they do best. We allow the deep sense of community, so characteristic of optimally successful organizations, to emerge within your group, as well as with customers, partners, suppliers and others. If you see yourself as part of a group that brings smiles to the faces of its members, while filling them with a sense of pride, consider contacting an Emergent consultant today.

  • Training - We know how rewarding it is when people tell you "You've made a real difference in my life." When you or your group works with an Emergent trainer, we take you behind the scenes to make clear the deep theory behind Emergent's approach, providing you with the knowledge, understanding and tools to catalyze positive, powerful change amongst your clients, students, friends, family and community.
A Positive, Supportive Partnership

When you picture the joy and satisfaction that comes from living the life you truly desire, Emergent Associates' services are quite affordable. We work flexibly with our clients via telephone, email and on-site activities and cultivate positive change through a process designed to be:
  • Stimulating, fun and enjoyable, allowing authentic growth and learning to naturally flow for you and your colleagues
  • Hopeful and inspirational, since we focus on your positive core, amplify your best skills and assets, share the true stories, peak experiences and colorful images of you or your organization at your best, and vividly enact your most fervent dreams for the future
  • Challenging, yet comfortably conversational and incremental
  • Simple, guided, and step-by-step, yet based in the complex science of natural systems
  • Structured, yet fully customized and tailored to the unique urges, creative interests, passions and needs of you or your organization
  • Collaborative and compassionate, allowing you to feel understanding and empathy, while fostering the skills you need to continually nurture a community rooted in belonging and acceptance
  • Integrative, increasing harmony amongst all past and present areas of your life, to catalyze greater health in your future
  • Empowering and transformational, building your capacity to generate key ideas and visions, make crucial decisions, and meet your needs in a way that brings you lasting influence over the most important areas of your life and work
Emergent Associates' Unique Technology

Emergent grounds its coaching, consulting and training in the framework of Appreciative Inquiry (AI), a powerful change methodology developed at Case Western University, and based in principles of social constructionism, image theory and grounded research. Imagine benefiting from techniques that have helped foster success for large corporations (British Airways, Verizon), universities (University of California Berkeley) and global initiatives (United Religions Initiative), as well as for individuals of all backgrounds and personalities, and for families and communities throughout the world.

Now imagine those techniques enhanced even further to help you make the right moves as you step toward satisfaction. Within this framework of AI, we synthesize insights, tools and methods, such as:
  • Emergent Communication Techniques that combine methodologies such as Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), the SET model, Carl Jung's archetypes and Appreciative Inquiry's 4-D Cycle
  • Human Systems Emergence Mapping, a dynamic model of personal growth that integrates:
    • Individual asset schema such as the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI), Enneagram, Carl Jung's typologies, Gallup's StrengthsFinder, People Management's System of Identifying Motivated Abilities (SIMA) and Appreciative Inquiry's Positive Core
    • Models of universal human needs such as Maslow's hierarchy of needs
    • Positive psychology, including the study of flow and optimal experience
  • Human System Dynamics, including concepts from Systems Theory, System Dynamics, Complexity Science, Complex Adaptive Systems, Chaos Theory and Systems Thinking
  • Other Related Systems-Based Knowledge such as Evolutionary Theory, Network Science, and Ecology
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